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Understanding Different Kinds of Students in the Classroom
April 16, 2016

No two students are exactly alike. The mind of every student is different and that is what makes him or her unique. It is of paramount importance for the teachers to treat every student individually. Teachers at RBK, ICSE board school in Thane treats every child individually. In order to offer the best education, the faculties learn the nature of every student. This further helps them to offer the best education accordingly. You should know every student has different strength and weaknesses. Taking this aspect into consideration, there are different ways to reach out to these types of students. Some of the common ones are listed below:

The Students Who Does Not Get Engaged In the Classroom Easily

Well, you are sure to find some students who no matter what, do not prefer to take part in classroom activities. However, they are quite interested, but do not prefer to share their ideas during classroom discussion. Students who do not like to get engaged think there is no relevance to the lesson that is being taught in the classroom. Many of the ICSE Schools in Thane and around consider these students are great thinkers and work the best when given an opportunity. In order to deal with these students in the class, one of the best ways is to let them choose their own project or essay topics.

The Student Who is a Troublemaker

Now this is another type of student you are sure to find in every classroom. These students are surely very hard to maintain. Well, really it is not that hard. As a teacher, you can easily control them by cultivating a positive change in them.

The Student Who Is Quiet and Do Not Speak Much

Introverted students are not easy to handle. It is not easy to encourage them to take part in classroom activities. Coming out of their cocoon is surely not easy. It is of paramount importance to understand that being quiet in the classroom is normal. Teachers of the best ICSE schools in Thane and around encourage these students to take part in activities as and when they feel. They are not pushed, but told how it will benefit in the long run. It is noticed these aspects actually help quiet students to take part in various activities. They are shy and introverts. However, once they participate they see facing the crowd is not a big challenge.

The Student Who Always Struggles

Failures are the stepping-stone to success. Keeping this aspect in mind, it is wise to know no matter how low grade you get, you are sure to emerge out as a winner later on! More often students often feel futile once they receive low grades. This is not the case, however. All a teacher has to do is to offer positive encouragement and you will have the same student facing the same test again! Top ICSE schools in Thane like RBK understands one of the best ways to help a struggling student is to offer positive encouragement.

These are some tricks ICSE schools in Mumbai suburbs and around tend to make use of when reaching out to different kinds of students. Keeping in mind that no students are alike, treating them individually is of paramount importance.