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Know Why Starting a Class with a Poem Is Useful
April 9, 2016

So you are thinking about how to start your lecture? Well, this is quite a common phenomenon teachers tend to face on a daily basis. Every teacher is always on the hunt for a method that will keep students engrossed all through the lecture. It is not easy to garner the attention of students easily, isn’t it? You might have already tried a number of aspects, like a small game, guessing game, opening with a sentence and so on. Well, have you ever tried starting a class with a poem? Well, now this is quite new isn’t it? You can be sure that the whole class will be waiting for your lecture the next day too. RBK, the ICSE board school in Thane is always on the hunt to make lessons interesting and happening. This is well achieved when you consider having a dashing opening.

If you are still wondering how a poem will ever help in making your class interesting, mentioned are some reasons that make poems a perfect way to start a class:

Poems Are Deep and Strong

You should know poems hold strong meaning in every word or phrase. The same may not be the case with the chapters. It will take hours for you to get emotionally attached to a chapter, but this is simplified in terms of the poem. Once you start your class with a poem, you have all the eyes glued to you until it finishes. It has all the power to draw a reader. You will find it is used by a number of ICSE Schools in Thane and around and has proved to be useful. It does not matter what style or form of a poem you are reading out, rest assured you have all eyes on you!

You Have a Writer amidst the Students

The language poem uses are old English. Nothing can be better than improving your language than reading a poem. They have the tendency to turn a listener into a writer. Voila, you will not notice and you will have a professional writer amidst all the students. When you listen to a poem, you long to be the same poet using those flowery words that best describe the next word. This further leads you to pen down your thoughts in a flow, like a poem. Various best ICSE schools in Thane and around look for ways that will make learning interesting. Faculties know, one of the best ways to keep children focused is by having a kick-ass start and the poem is the answer!

They Are Short And Sweet

It is quite understood that time is valuable to teachers. Wasting time does not seem to be on the list. It is of paramount importance to know that poems are short and hence a perfect way to start a class. It is a great way to add spark to the mundane classroom where there is no activity. Furthermore, to add humor to the classroom you can ask the students to first explain the message the poet is trying to convey and change at least five lines with the appropriate words. It helps them to play with words, thus enhancing their vocabulary skills. You are in a win-win situation! Faculties tend to always struggle when it comes to beginning a class. Top ICSE schools in Thane and around believe nothing can be better than having a wonderful start that will keep students wondering what is to come next.

These are some reasons that make poems the best class starters. You can call it as an effective strategy for innovative teaching. A number of ICSE schools in Mumbai suburbs and around are using innovative ways to teach, you might want to consider adding a poem to the list!