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Know the Benefits of Studying In the Best ICSE School in Thane
December 17, 2015

In the search to offer quality education to the children, parents are left with many choices. The school you choose speaks for the quality of education your child will receive during the years. You will find many of the parents are enrolling their children’s name to some of the best ICSE schools in Thane. No matter which CBSE affiliated school you are enrolling to, ensure you keep in mind the needs of your child. Ensure to look for some of the leading CBSE schools in and around Thane. If you are one among them, mentioned are some highlights you need to know about CBSE schools that will surely help you consider the best among others.

  • Individual Attention – It is quite known that every child is different and should be treated uniquely. This aspect is well taken care of in a CBSE school. Individual attention is given to every child that helps them to grow effectively. However, knowing about this is not possible unless you do some research work. You can have a talk with the faculty or parents before signing on the admission paper. Only a reliable CBSE school understands this aspect and offer individual attention to the child. It adheres to the educational rules set by the school and ensures each of the children is treated fairly. Special attention is given to the students who are slow learners.
  • Knowledge Center – Education is well achieved when the CBSE School has a library. Reputable and top ICSE schools in Thane look forward to inculcating the reading habit by having a library. It has a number of information materials available for the students. Apart from books, the library also holds CDs, cassettes, videos and so on that makes gaining information fun and enjoyable.
  • Education Format – One of the major reasons for the growing popularity of the CBSE schools is that it offers great curriculum. Students are taught how to think in a particular situation, rather than what to think. This further helps in increasing the cognitive, thinking and learning skills.
  • Transportation Facility – Traveling to and from school is the major challenge for students. It gets hectic for a student to travel so much on a daily basis. Considering this factor top and the best CBSE schools offer transportation facility. These buses are driven by professional drivers which ensure your child is in safe hands. As a parent, it is important for you to follow the transportation guidelines as held by the school.
  • Security Facility – While your child is away from home you surely want to know he or she is safe. CBSE schools understand this factor and offer the best security solutions to both its students and the teachers. For additional security, CCTVs are installed in the school premises. Professional security guards are available round the clock that guards the gate.
  • Enrichment Programmes – Another major benefit of enrolling to a top CBSE school is that it offers enrichment programmes. Some of it includes karate, football, art, dance cricket, turbo brain, and table tennis and so on. All this works in the favor of your child as it helps them to grow both physically and mentally.

These are some of the factors that ensure enrolling to a CBSE school will offer great benefits to your child as far as education is concerned. You are advised to prioritize the top 10 ICSE schools in Mumbai and choose the one that suits your preferences and needs.