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How Important is Student’s Feedback
June 14, 2016

Every person is a student and learning has no full stop. The same goes for the teachers. Faculties in RBK ICSE board school in Mira Road believe there is no stop when it comes to learning and improving. Considering this aspect, the school offers the faculties a perfect platform by offering seminars, workshops and so on. It further helps them to improve and enhance their teaching skills. This helps them to be a better teacher all the time they enter the classroom.

Teachers are always on the hunt for ways to improve their teaching and lessons. However, many teachers often do not know from where to start. You might not know, but the source is right in your classroom. Yes, they are your students! Surprised? Well, do not be, as their feedback can do wonders as far as your teaching and lessons are concerned. It is a perfect ladder to start if you want to enhance and improve your teaching. Many faculties are of the view that students might not be able to offer the necessary feedback. However, you should know they are the ones you tend to spend time with. When you teach them, they can easily pinpoint your mistakes and help you to improve your teaching in more than one way.

A number of schools in Mira Road and around takes this aspect seriously and make use of different techniques to enhance their teaching skills. Well, to start with, mentioned are some tips you can consider by the end of the year:

Collect the Necessary Inputs

Always remember, no teacher is perfect! There has been a day when the lesson you gave did not go as planned. In fact, it might have turned boring and uninteresting. There is nothing to worry. The next time you give a lesson, asks your precious students to give feedback at the end of the lesson. This further helps you to work on your weak areas and know your faults too.

Ask Questions to Parents

Well, this aspect does not mean you have to have a one-on-one session with every parent. You can consider creating a set of questionnaires in the Google and send it across to every parent. The questionnaire should mainly focus not on only improving your teaching skills, but also personality. RBK ICSE School in Mira Road is open to suggestion from parents. The schools are of the view that there is always room to improve and your feedback is valued.

An Anonymous Note Can Do Wonders

Some students do not like to speak in the classroom. They, in fact, fear that you might not like the suggestion or feedback. Taking this aspect into consideration you can ask the students to write anonymous notes and leave it on your desk. This is effective as sometimes students want to share something personal too. However, remember, to carry out this task at the end of the year only.

These are some effective and great ways to improve your teaching and lessons. RBK ICSE school in Mumbai has been always a step forward and offer its faculties with workshops, seminars and so on. Apart from this, regular in-house training programs are conducted to help teachers keep themselves abreast with the innovative teaching methods. Do not delay and get your child admitted to one of the good ICSE school in Mumbai.